About Paintback.

Paintback is an independent not-for-profit organisation that takes unwanted paint and packaging and diverts it from landfill and vital waterways.

Since launching in May 2016, Paintback has collected and treated over 30 million kilograms of unwanted paint and packaging.

Paintback is also committed to researching new ways to repurpose unwanted paint materials and help develop a circular economy.


What happens to the paint and packaging
collected by Paintback?

Paint Back Step-1
Step 01

DIY and trade painters take their unwanted paint and packaging to a Paintback site. Paintback accepts up to 100 litres per visit stowed in containers of up to 20 litres.

Paint Back Step-2
Step 02

The unwanted paint and packaging is stored at the collection point ready for Paintback to pick it up.

Paint Back Step-3
Step 03

Paintback transports it from the collection point for treatment.

Paint Back Step-4
Step 04

The packaging and waste liquid are separated. The containers are recycled, subject to contamination. The solvent paint can be used as an alternative energy source. Water is separated from acrylic paint, with the by-product used in a variety of industrial applications significantly reducing landfill.

Paint Back Step-5
A cleaner future

Paintback’s R&D program aims to improve the current resource recovery towards 100% diversion from landfill and movement up the waste hierarchy.

Become an admired painter with Paintback.